Grand Designs

The increased proportions of this design show off its sweeping curves adding an element of grandeur

Inspired by the Knights Templar, this intricate design is perfect for the more period interior

The increased proportions add an element of superiority to this design, a perfect focal point for a larger room.

This superior but minimalist piece displays how proportions can be increased for a larger space.

A clean, fresh looking design with tasteful detailing, increased proportions add a timeless elegance.

This simple design is complimented by an intricate carving detail that sits center stage.

Increasing the proportions of the The Kingsbury creates an impressive fireplace for the larger room.

Grand and imposing, the Josephine’s air of elegance and delicate curves make an impressive statement

This striking piece has a choice of different flower and leaf carvings that complement it’s shapely contours.

This striking design with smooth clean lines and elegant proportions that will compliment a larger space.